Adult Therapy

The duration of psychotherapy treatments can be divided into short term, intermediate, and long term depending on the severity of the problem(s) you are experiencing

Short term. Short term therapy tends to be highly focused, once per week sessions, and lends itself to working with problems of recent origin, decision-making issues, or adjustment/conflict/ debriefing types of situations. It is generally defined as 15 sessions or less.

Intermediate. Intermediate length treatment is for individuals whose problems are somewhat more complex or who have had issues that have been ongoing. These sorts of issues tend to require more sustained support within a caring and professional treatment relationship with a skilled professional who can see the problem through with the person. Intermediate length treatment may range from 25 sessions to up to two years of treatment on a once or twice per week basis.

Long term. Long term treatment or exploratory psychotherapy is a deeper more individualized treatment approach that is open-ended and ongoing. It may last from two-five years or more depending on the goals of the individual and the therapist. It is the modality of choice for the person who wants to explore themselves at whatever depth is necessary to promote their growth. Sessions may be anywhere from one to three times per week.